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Welcome to Foreclosure Freedom Network's Information Site

I’m Connie Saunders, Managing Director of Foreclosure Freedom Network. I have worked in the Banking industry for 20 years. 

Foreclosure Freedom Network is our answer to the current Home Crisis.  We can help to keep most people in their homes – if desired – or help with the Short Sale process, which has many twists and turns and requires experienced guidance.

  • Have you tried to reason with your bank to keep your home?
  • Have you tried unsuccessfully to refinance your home?
  • Has your credit worsened with defaulting properties? 
  • Can’t you get the interest rates or mortgage terms you need?
  • Have your ARM payments kicked in now with rates rising far beyond your ability to pay?

If any of these questions apply to you, we can help.

Record numbers of homeowners are facing foreclosure today and many more are falling behind on their house payments. On top of this there is a 20-50% drop in home values. What’s the best approach for you?

Yes, the situation seems hopeless but there is a light!

We’re on your side. We want you to stay in your home. If you are an investor, we can help clear your books of defaulting income property that is crippling your bottom line.

We help you resolve your situation before it has a chance to permanently damage your credit or put you out on the street. 

We represent you, so you don’t have to battle with collection agencies and court officials. Better than 97% of the time we can resolve it – NO MATTER HOW BAD IT IS!

Our professionals lead all others in handling "hopeless" cases!!

Don’t be too late!! 

Give us a call.


Connie Saunders




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