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Our Purpose and General Outline

Our purpose is to help homeowners prevent foreclosure. We help them stay in their home if at all possible. We are dedicated to helping to unravel this complex situation we are all in today, and help mold and create optimum survival for all involved. It’s a big job, but we have 50 years combined industry experience and know how to help you through this tidal wave.

You are no doubt aware of the foreclosure debacle we have at present. The abundant loan products of yesterday have become tombstones for our foreclosure victims. The lending industry has side stepped into a position of ‘over qualifying’ new loans. The result of this is a complete pendulum swing from the high volumes of two years ago. There is no more ‘sub-prime’ industry and there are no products out there for these people to move to when their ARM resets causing their payments to double!

Most Short Sales, Loan Modifications and Loss Mitigations require a few documents. Check out our BLOG for specific and/or additional forms needed:

Our mail address is:

Foreclosure Freedom Network LLC
12661 Gain Street
Pacoima, CA 91331

Office: (818) 890-0131
Fax:    (818) 279-2623

Email: Info@foreclosurefreedomnetwork.com


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